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Uncategorized Nov 03, 2017

According to a recent Job Title Practices report*, businesses create official job titles for several reasons, such as to outline company hierarchy, to define job roles and to attract talented recruits. But as useful as job titles can be in the workplace, business coach, Daria Hanson has a simple word of caution for business owners and management.

'Be aware - an employee's true contribution to your business often has nothing to do with their job title."

Hanson is an entrepreneurial development coach, Joy of Business facilitator and global finance coordinator for Access Consciousness®, a set of life-enhancing tools practiced in 173 countries worldwide. She has enjoyed a successful career in retail sales, store management, business finance and executive leadership, and is quick to admit that she never worried about the title of each of her job opportunities.

'I have moved between front-line positions to executive roles and back again, several times. I never worried about the labels", Hanson remarks. 'I knew the value of my skills and experience, and I knew that each new job would open new possibilities for me."

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