30 Day Presence Challenge


We don’t get that the gift of total vulnerability, total presence, total caring, total no judgment that we can be, that you can be, that you can gift to every single solitary person you touch in the world is a gift that is the greatest gift you could give to the world.


Total presence is not focus. It is total awareness of everything, without a point of view and

without a need to do anything with it.


Is this what you have come here to be? Is this what you would like to have more of in the world? If this is what you would like to practice and embrace more of, join this 30 day


Presence Challenge and let's clear everything that is in our ways of being the presence we truly be and step into the space of the world that you know must be possible.


We begin August 1st at 9am PST | 12pm EST. Click here for your local time.


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