Access Consciousness Body Processes

Have you been looking for something that would allow you to strengthen and enhance the capacities of what your body is capable with? 

Do you wish your immune system was stronger? Or your kids or your loved ones? 

Do you wish you could have more ease with your body? 

Do you wish that your body did not have to be a problem for you anymore?

Join us this Saturday and learn 2 Access Consciousness Body Processes that will help you build that strength and that enhancement you desire to see in your body and the bodies of your loves ones. 

These process are a beautiful way to spend time with your family. 

Access Consciousness has 52 body processes that can create more ease, joy and strength in the body. Once a week I will be facilitating a class that will cover two processes. 

Processes learned this Saturday, May 12th @ 10am till 2 pm: 
**** Actualization of Functional Body Balance
**** Activation & Actualization of Total Immunity to the Sickness of Mankind



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