Living In High Heels

If every woman was taught how to buy high heels, she would have high heels she actually wears, rather than high heels she admires in her closet.

High heels do not have to cause pain and be uncomfortable. High heels are designed to add to the beauty of a woman's stature. But they actually play a lot larger role in our lives than we acknowledge. They change the way people treat you, what you can create, and what you are willing to be. I would like to invite you not only join this 3 part call to learn EVERYTHING you need to KNOW about the high-heels and the right high-heels for you. Are you ready?

We will explore the following:

  1. Anatomy of a Shoe
  2. The Science Behind Buying the Right Heels for You
  3. Grace and Elegance
  4. The Psychology of Heels and your Points of View
  5. Defying a myth of high heels: Pain and Aches
  6. Developing the presence and awareness it takes to wear high heels daily
  7. "Heals" and Sexualness

Is it time to change he limitations that keep you smaller and self-conscious? Is it time to shine and be the magnet for admiration and possibilities you could not even imagine yet?

This is a 3 part series.

Call times are: June 19th at 12pm PST| 3pm EST. Click here for your local time.





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