Gaslighting TeleCall Series

You probably like many of us have been at the affect of GASLIGHTING at least once. If you ever questioned your sanity or your reality based on the point of view someone else had that did not match yours, you have been gaslighted.
Why do we fall under affect of Gaslighting? We do it, when we loose the strong sense of who we are and what is true for us. When we stop trusting ourselves and our decisions and start questioning ourselves, start doubting. The moment we loose the presence, we are susceptible to gaslighting.
What does it take to get back the power of you, especially if you have been under the gaslighting affect your whole life?
This is the call where we will explore tools and processes to undo the gaslighting you have been under affect of.
Is it time to claim your reality?
Time & Date Call 2: May 15 @ 10 PM PST | 1 PM EST 
Call 1 is instantly available for a replay once you purchase this product. 

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